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Upcasting machine

Upcasting machine/Withdrawal machine is the main equipment to realize upward continuous casting. It consists of traction mechanism, liquid level tracking system and cystallizer. The traction mechanism is composed of two groups of AC servo motors and traction rollers. It can realize high-speed intermittent movement of 0-1000 times per minute, and continuously lead the casting rod out through the traction rollers. Each group of traction mechanism can drive 5-10 pairs of traction rollers to pull 5-10 copper rods respectively, and produce copper rods with diameter of 8mm-25mm by changing the cystallizer. The liquid level tracking system can ensure the relative stability of the depth of the cystallizer inserted into the liquid copper on the continuous casting machine, and ensure the continuity of continuous casting production. The crystallizer can rapidly cool the liquid copper into solid copper and realize heat exchange. Each crystallizer can be replaced and controlled independently without affecting the normal operation of the other crystallizers.